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Friday, December 5, 2008 ·

An anonymous viewer brought to my attention that McAfee’s so called “SiteAdvisor” had labeled with the big evil red X

It turns out that McAfee SiteAdvisor scanned Infinity Exists and found the Jamesgo.dll Worm, which I uploaded so you guys can see how it works. Not only is the virus zipped to prevent anyone from accidentally running it, but also, there is an explanation on how to remove the virus in the blog post.

(I have to agree with the Nuisance ‘O Meter. Jamesgo is definitely an 8!)

Don’t get my wrong, I think it is a good idea for McAfee to try to inform non-techie computers users that those free screensavers are going to mess up their computer. I just think McAfee should take into account the content of the website instead of just blindly scanning the internet for viruses. Now people interested in computer hacking will be disinclined to visit Infinity Exists because they’ll see this:

Well anyways, that my rant on McAfee SiteAdvisor


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