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How to use Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG in Backtrack 2

Friday, December 5, 2008 ·

The Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG (IPW3945) is a popular wireless card that is build-in many laptops. However, the drivers included in Backtrack 2 do not allow you to do packet injection. To fix this problem you need to install the IPWRAW drivers. The easy way to do this is to use Backtrack 2 module. A module adds additional components to Backtrack 2. To add a module, you copy the .LZM file into the modules folder in the BT2 .ISO. After adding the IPWRAW module to the BT2 .ISO, boot up Backtrack and click the “IPW3945 RAW” script on the desktop to install the IPWRAW Drivers. After the drivers are installed your wireless card will be lock in monitor mode, and you will be able to do packet injection with aireplay-ng. If you want to put your wireless card in managed mode and connect to a wireless network click the “IPW3945” script on the desktop. That script will load the default IPW3945 Drivers.

Video Demonstration

Download IPWRAW Module Here
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IPWRAW package made by: -~operator~-
Module made by: Genius


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